25 Christmas Gifts for Writers (Your Creative Friends Will Love Them)

holiday gifts for creative people

It's time to buy a special gift for writers in your life, but all you can think of is a nice notepad. We are here to tell you that gifts for writers can be better since we have spent our entire lives as authors getting notebooks beneath the tree.

So, what to get a Writer this winter? Anyone who has identified as a writer for a long enough period has probably received a lot of notebooks and pens as holiday presents. While pens and notebooks are fantastic presents, there are some other cool gifts for writers; because they deserve it. Right?

To help you wow the writer in your life with a thoughtful, practical gift to help them grow and develop their talents, we've put together a list of the best winter presents for writers. And if you are the writer, use this as inspiration while choosing a gift for yourself (or casually forward it to your friends, partners, every creative person in your life).

To hop on your favorite gift, click the link from our recommendations for the best Christmas gifts for writers this winter.

Our Top 9 Picks



SilkSound Headphones for Women

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pencil holder


KOBJOY Dog Pencil/Pen Holder for Desk

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writing prompts


The Storymatic Classic – Creative Writing Prompts

Buy Now
moon lamp


16 Colors 3D Printing LED Moon Light

Buy Now
word clock


Light Up Electronic Plug-in Word Clock

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writing prompts


Learning Resources Writing Prompt Cubes

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foldable laptop desk


26X17X12 h Foldable Laptop Table for Bed

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Christmas Candles


Christmas Tree and Small House Candle

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perfume kit


Charrier Parfums - Eaux de Parfum Gift Box

Buy Now

Best Christmas Gifts for Writers in 2022

These gifts will impress everyone in your list (unique gifts for her and gifts for him.)

 Shower Notebook


 Foldable Laptop Desk

 LCD Writing Tablet

 Smart Watch

 Digital Alarm Clock

 Cell Phone Stand

 Christmas Candles

 LED Desk Lamp

 Focus Stones

 Kindle Unlimited Subscription

 Audible Subscription

 Magnetic Poetry Kit


 Amazon Gift card

 Pencil Holder

 Books, Books, and more Books

 Word Clock

 Moon Lamp

 Writing Prompt Cubes

 Old Books Scented Candle

 Charrier Perfumes Gift Box

 Fur Coat for A Fashion Forward Writer

 Apple Watch SE

 Barnett's Christmas Chocolate Gift Basket Because everybody deserves chocolates

1. A Shower Notebook

Aqua Notes, a shower notepad, is so strong that writers can use it underwater. Deep and creative thoughts while bathing - can you relate to this? The default mode network in Aqua Notes, one of the unexpected gifts for copywriters, is the explanation underlying shower thoughts.

shower notebook

Aqua Notes Water Proof Shower Note Pad


Buy Now

Why so? These activities have the trait of being either somewhat physically or cognitively stimulating. They provide authors with a setting welcoming enough for them to continue utilizing their creativity. Shower notebooks can assist fiction writers in delving deeper into their thoughts and imaginations since the shower is the ideal spot having undisturbed thinking.

2. Headphones

Writers enjoy listening to music since the rhythms help us concentrate on our work more and more. Therefore, another copywriter gift idea can be the essential item, and what's that? The headphones. But connecting cords might interfere with your writing, so pick headphones with wireless connectivity instead. 


Silk Sound Headphones for Women


Buy Now

You may securely and quickly connect your devices with Bluetooth 4.1 while improving your writing experience. These ground-breaking, gorgeous headphones for women and men provide high-quality sound, giving you a smooth listening experience and a stylish appearance. You may even use voice commands to activate Siri or Google Assistant for convenience!

3. Foldable Laptop Desk

First and foremost, you should feel safe in the space where you write. It ought to stimulate your mind and aid in concentration. It should ideally be a spot where you can unwind, work on your art, and find inspiration. Where in your house do you feel the most comfortable? Folding laptop table will be valuable because your friend can use them wherever they feel the most productive.

foldable laptop desk

Foldable Laptop Desk


Buy Now

The multi-purpose standing desk is one of the best presents for writers. Being a writer, you may bring water to stay hydrated and keep your mind sharp, a notepad and pen for taking notes, headphones, and a playlist of your favorite uplifting music for writing, among other things.

4. LCD Writing Tablet

It isn't appropriate to ask if you write continuously throughout the day, am I right? I am familiar with how it feels to put in nonstop labor to fulfil storyboard deadlines.

lcd writing tablet

LCD Writing Tablet


Buy Now

Take good care of your body, health, eyes, fingers, and other parts of yourself while continually working on the storyline and fusing thoughts and ideas. You can color your script via tablet for electronic digital writing. Why is that? When you work for a prolonged period, an LCD screen shields your eyes from radiation and glare, making you safer and more comfortable. The LCD writing tablet is one of the best gadgets for writers because it can be reused endlessly and save hundreds of sheets of paper annually.

5. Smart Watch

Every day, writers rethink the storyline they employ to work at regular intervals. And when it comes to writing, disregard their thoughts. They require a portable, intelligent device to carry with them all day. One such device that enables writers to make notes and store their hooks is the smartwatch.

smart watch

Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker

$39.98 - $79.99

Buy Now

Apart from that, a wristwatch continuously records your heart rate with accuracy. Additionally, by continually logging your sleep patterns, it offers a thorough study of your sleep quality. When you exercise, the wristwatch automatically logs your daily steps, distance travelled, calories burnt, and active minutes to gauge your physical condition. What better gifts for authors can be? 

6. Digital Alarm Clock

There are many great gift ideas for writers. Have you ever considered giving a digital alarm clock as a present? Never? Consider it right now. They are intended to sound an alert or signal at a certain moment. As electronic technology advanced throughout the years, more people started using digital alarm clocks.

digital clock

Digital Alarm Clock


Buy Now

Digital alarm clocks are more accurate than analogue ones. They also include a snooze function, which is ideal for those who need to get up early but don't want to be repeatedly startled by an alarm clock.

7. Cell Phone Stand

Do you ever wonder how one of the most creative gifts for writers may be a phone stand? A stand helps authors stay organized and takes the strain off their hands. It can do a lot for your phone's safety and cleanliness and much more for their comfort and productivity.

cell phone stand

Cellphone Stand with Bluetooth Speaker


Buy Now

A phone stand is a valuable option for anyone that comes with a Bluetooth speaker. These devices do not have the function of a power bank. Before using this wireless Bluetooth speaker, it would be best to use the type-c connector to connect to the power supply for charging and read the instructions carefully.

8. Christmas Candles

Words obtain Light via the Candle Way when the voices in your thoughts cease speaking. The ideal candle will assist you in reawakening the voices within your mind so you can hear   the remainder of the narrative you need to write. This candle is ideal if you are having trouble with your next manuscript. Or it would make a perfect Christmas gift for a writer to   encourage your pal to write!

candle decor

Christmas Tree & Small House Candle Decor


Buy Now

 This simple, deliberate action makes room for speech. Likewise lighting a candle paves the way for writing, remembering, or paying tribute, saying a wish aloud calms my soul and   enables me to support others' writing in peace.

9. LED Desk Lamp

The two most important things writers needed so far from improved luminous technology are eye protection and memory function. This winter, give your loved one a warm, comforting LED desk light to offer steady, flicker-free illumination. Anyone may shut off this light's 99.95% blue light, which is bad for human eyes. 

LED Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp Clip on Light


Buy Now

Desk lights use a ring light design to offer shadow-free illumination. When the memory feature is turned off, you or your writer may go back to the last lighting mode and remind yourself of the light hue and brightness, making it simple to maintain your lighting habits over time.

10. Focus Stones

We have bought your unique gifts for writers to satisfy your desires. We discovered that greater pleasure in writing, increased involvement in writing activities, more positive writing objectives, greater resilience when faced with challenging writing tasks, and higher literacy success were all related to positive writing motivation and engagement characteristics. 

focus stones

Motivating Words Imprinted on Glass Stones


Buy Now

Therefore, we discovered the Beautiful transparent and opaque glass engraved with six distinct sentences to aid authors in maintaining their motivation. If you're starting a new project, this bundle is fantastic. Watch your dreams come true by placing your attention on these traits. The average diameter of each stone is 1.25 inches, making it easy to look at them quickly.

11. Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Don't we all require references? Whatever you write needs a source of information or inspiration. Writing is a craft. References, inspirations, and ideas are just as crucial as the story   you are trying to tell. Considering that we came up with the copywriter gift concept Let's begin.

kindle unlimited subscription

Kindle Unlimited Subscription


Buy Now

 Give your loved one a digital membership so they may read, listen, subscribe, and access Kindle books at their leisure at no additional cost. With the aid of this membership, authors   will have access to a staggering number of media genres, allowing them to travel the globe while staying in one location. What could be better than this, in your opinion?

12. Audible Subscription

Get the benefits of the limited-time Audible subscription promotion! 4 months for $5.95 each month is not bad, right? For your first four months of Audible Premium Plus, Amazon is giving you and a buddy a 60% discount, allowing you to listen to popular audiobooks, recently released titles, Originals, podcasts, and more. With this subscription, you may access various genres, including Children's Audiobooks, Computers & Technology, Comedy & Humor to Business & Careers, Arts & Entertainment, Biographies & Memoirs, and everything in between.

audible subscription

Audible Subscription - listen to your favorite books

$5.95/month for the first four months

Buy Now

The most well-known authors in the genre include Colleen Hoover, Stephen King, Matthew Perry, and James Clear. What are the best gifts for authors in it? Translation to various languages!

13. Magnetic Poetry Kit

One of the original and earliest gifts for poets! This kit contains a beautiful symphony of words, such as the beautiful symphony, elaborate, time, soar, dream, and a great deal more. A developing phenomenon in popular culture is magnetic poetry.

poetry kit

Magnetic Poetry Original Kit


Buy Now

It is packaged in a chic, giftable 4.75 x 6-inch cardboard box with more than 300 magnetic word tiles (no longer includes tin). The options are unlimited, with hundreds of various themed kits. You may combine and match items to make unique sets and personalized gift suggestions. As a dorm room ornament or locker decoration, magnet words are fantastic. They are the ideal present for anyone who enjoys poetry or writing.

14. Storymatic

This is a standard writing and teaching tool utilized by authors, performers, painters, and other creative individuals all around the world since it has so many writing prompts. These 540 cards might help you overcome writer's block and spark your imagination. Excellent present for authors!

storymatic for writers

Storymatic Classic - Creative Writing Prompts Cards


Buy Now

With storytelling cards, it is a creativity Jump-starter! Warm up your mind, use your creativity and inspire original thought for writer's block assistance. Liven up remote learning, homeschooling, and classrooms. By yourself or in a group, explore the narrative prompts. It is among great creative gifts for copywriters, including teachers, students, songwriters, aspiring authors, storytellers, improv groups, families, teenagers, artists, and anybody who enjoys tales.

15. Amazon Gift Card for any amount in Reveal

Best gifts for writers? Select an Amazon Gift Card. Why so? A gift card attached to a revealed product has no fees, no expiration date, and cannot be returned or refunded. Gift Cards might not have your gift's amount printed on them, but you can scan and redeem any Gift Card using a smartphone or tablet and the Amazon App.

amazon gift card

Amazon Gift Card for Any Amount In Reveal

$20, $50, $100, $150

Buy Now

If you select it at checkout, your personalized gift message will only display on the packing slip and not on the gift card itself or the carrier. Using storytelling cards is a great way to spark your beloved imagination and ideas.

16.  Pencil Holder 

Why is this Pencil Holder listed in our Writer gift ideas? Of course, for your ease. Here is a thing!

When it comes to design, it provides a metal version of the dog as the basis for design. It is, therefore, adorable, attractive, and distinctive.

pencil holder for dog lovers

Doggo Pencil/Pen Holder for Desks


Buy Now

When it comes to the scene, the black dog pen holder may be used as décor in a variety of settings, including a house or business. It may make life much more enjoyable. It may be used as a vase to keep dried flowers in addition to serving as a pencil holder. It is ideal for use as a pampas grass vase.

17. Books, Books, and More Books

Reading improves concentration, memory, empathy, and communication. It can improve mental well-being, reduce stress, and prolong life. Reading can help you learn new things that will enhance your career and relationships with others.

People often expressed a need for books. Not even amusing. We enjoy reading, or at the very least, there are always a lot of books on our wish lists. Among the classics on the wish list are:

P.S: If you want free eBooks related to copywriting, we have a collection at our resource page Book Club. Visit to read free pdf eBooks.

18. Plugin Word Clock

Get creative with creative Christmas gifts for writers and tell the time wisely! Being a writer, this striking accent clock, which has a sleek black finish and a large but modest size (7.75' x 1.13'), is perfect for your desk, nightstand, or dresser.

The accent clock displays the time in intervals of five minutes. Minutes past the hour are shown up to 30 minutes in advance of the hour, followed by minutes till the hour, as in 'five minutes past ten' (10:05) or 'fifteen minutes to eight' (7:45). Simple time advance and time reverse buttons make it simple to set the clock's time!
word clock for writers

Electronic Plug-in Word Clock with LED Light


Buy Now

19. Moon Lamp

Gift ideas for writers might seem little to none, but exploring assertions is what makes this post really amazing. Do not limit yourself this winter. Gift your friend a moon lamp from Amazon.

moon lamp

16 Colors LED Night Light 3D Printing Moon Lamp


Buy Now

The 4.8-inch-diameter moon lamp is made using 3D printing technology, has a realistic full moon shape, and has a surface that is very similar to the lunar moon. It is a novelty and charming night light with 16 colour RGB, and the 16 colours can flash, fade, or strobe, creating dreamlike and imaginative decorative lights. The lamp makes a perfect Christmas gift, Thanksgiving gift, birthday gift, wedding gift, or gift for lover.

20. Learning Resources Writing Prompt Cubes

With this creative set of writing prompt cubes, you can encourage creativity and stimulates the generation of ideas for both imaginative narrative and non-fiction writing projects. 36 writing prompts provide several options for either solitary or group writing. It is ideal for grades one and above; these soft, quiet foam cubes measure 1 to 5/8' and come with an activity guide. So don't worry if your gift will puzzle your writer. 

writing prompt cubes

Learning Resource Writing Prompt Cubes


Buy Now

21. Old Books Book Lovers' Candle

The premium soy candle for book lovers is an ideal present. Small-batch, hand-poured candles made with soy are entirely natural, non-GMO, and American-grown and a writer will love them. 
Small quantities of Forage candles are consciously and ethically created at a home workshop in the Southern Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains.

old books scented candle

Book Lovers' Candle | Book Scented Candle


Buy Now

These scents are made with organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils and herbs responsibly gathered from the wild. It is carefully chosen soy wax that is 100 per cent natural, American-grown, non-GMO, and free of harmful ingredients and UV stabilizers. So, this characterization will definitely amaze your friends.

22. Charrier Parfums - 10 Eaux de Parfum Luxurious Gift Box 

This set of 10 women's high-quality French fragrances packaged in a chic gift box is a memento of France which makes a perfect Christmas gift for writers. Its Magic Rose is a scent of floral and lily of the valley and comes in 4.6ml (US 0.156 fl. oz) and (US 0.156 fl. oz). Pepper, Rose, Green Note, Freesia, and Violet are at the top. Heart: Peony, Lily, Rose, and Lily of the Valley. Base: Musk, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Patchouli. Moreover, Madame Charrier is a 5ml bottle with Oriental and flowery fragrance It's Bergamot, Tangerine, Rosewood, and Aldehydes will take your senses on a soothing ride while the Jasmine, Genista, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Patchouli, and Benjoin are there to seduce the men in your life.

perfumes kit

10 Eaux de Parfum Luxurious Gift Box - 57 ml


Buy Now

23. Warm Faux Fur Topcoat For A Fashion Forward Writer

Writers need to dress the part. This fashionable sherpa jacket teddy coat is the ideal present for ladies during the holidays, the new year, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other occasion. The ion cardigan is appropriate for fall, winter, and spring. Ideal for everyday use, dating, clubs, weddings, shopping, parties, and any indoor or outdoor activity.

fur coat

Faux Fur Coat Vintage Parka Shaggy Jacket

$32.98 - $34.98

Buy Now

It features a plain fleece fluffy open-front cardigan coats jackets, an autumn fur fake jacket, and a cardigan with an open front for ladies. This is an excellent option for friends and family in the winter since it is cozy, breathable, wear-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant.

24. Apple Watch SE second generation

Why gift an Apple watch SE as Christmas gift? Everything you need to remain connected, track your health, keep healthy, and stay safe. With features like crash detection and improved exercise analytics, it is now up to 20% quicker and a better value than ever.
It comes in various colors and sizes, offers hundreds of band options, and has watch faces with intricacies specific to your interests. Through crash detection, fall detection, and emergency SOS, you may seek assistance when you require it. Get in-depth health information, such as alerts if your heart rate is abnormally high or low or has an irregular rhythm.
apple smart watch

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) [GPS 40mm] Smart Watch


Buy Now

25. Barnett's Christmas Chocolate Gift Baskets Coz everybody deserves chocolates 

Do you need a favor from your boss? A girlfriend to express your affection for? A boyfriend you must woo. Flowers or candy from the store pales in comparison to these biscotti. This exclusive gift set contains four of each flavor of biscotti: chocolate craisin, chocolate chip, caramel chip, nut crunch, almond crunch, and cookie crunch. All of Barnett's desserts are dairy-free and CRC Hesychius-certified kosher. Forget the trouble of spending the entire day laboring to replicate the ideal Italian biscotti. To make it appear as though you produced these confections at home with all your heart's love, we accomplish it without adding any unhealthy components.
christmas chocolates

Christmas Chocolate Gift box, 24 Biscotti Cookie Chocolates


Buy Now

The Roundup

Finding presents for writers seems simple; you can't go wrong with a quality leather-bound notebook or an excellent fountain pen, after all. However, even though they'll appreciate your traditional writer gifts, it never hurts to surprise them with something more enjoyable that still honor their craft. We've compiled this list with various price ranges so you can peruse any of it and choose the ideal Christmas gift for your writer friends—or even for yourself—as you embark on this exciting journey.

Enjoy Holidays!

This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase via our links we may earn a commission. 

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  1. I love these creative writing gift ideas. I am gonna buy book lovers candle, a shower notebook, and a box of chocolate for my bestie. :-)

  2. I am not a writer but my wife is an aspiring author and I was wondering what to give her this holiday season that would make her smile. She has the Kindle Unlimited subscription so I am planning to give her a shower notebook along with some chocolates and storymatic writing prompt cards. I hope she love them all.

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