131 Clever Newsletter Ideas to Impress Your Subscribers (+Free Templates)

newsletter ideas to get more subscribers

Email marketing works best when you engage your readers regularly. But how do you come up with great newsletter ideas week after week? There are hundreds of brands emailing newsletter content to your customers - you wouldn't want your newsletters to get lost in a sea of others. 

After working hard to build your emailing list, it can be quite frustrating when your subscribers do not engage with the newsletters you send. Well, that won't happen anymore because we have got you all covered! 

We've compiled a list of 130+ inspirational newsletter ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Whether you're just starting a newsletter or looking to spice up your email marketing with engaging newsletter content, this idea bank will come in handy.

Let's get started.

Informative Newsletter Ideas

It is always a good idea to make it easier for your audience to discover new ways to use your products, gain new insights, or stay on top of the latest trends. 

Let's take a look at some of the most helpful newsletter ideas you can use:

1. Send How-To Articles

You can accomplish this by distributing informative newsletters. You can create newsletters with how-to guides to give your subscribers step-by-step instructions on using your product or getting something done. A furniture store, for example, could provide an article on how to remove pet stains from furniture, whereas a handmade scarf seller could show subscribers ten different ways to wear scarfs with photos.

2. Share YouTube Videos

The best way to engage the audience is by including YouTube videos in your newsletters. Sharing YouTube videos can be extremely engaging, increasing open rates by 6%. 

However, your YouTube video will not always play directly inside an email. Email platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, and others lack the necessary technical capabilities. It's best to include a static image of your YouTube video with a 'play button' over the top and link the image to your YouTube video. As a result, when subscribers click the play button on the image, the video will be opened on YouTube.

3. Blog Posts

You don't always have to create new content. Instead, you can share your blog posts. To keep the workload light, include the introduction to your blog post in the email or write a few lines. Make the first few lines as intriguing as possible to entice subscribers to click 'read more.' 

This is undoubtedly one of the best newsletter ideas that would tempt your subscribers to engage while increasing website traffic. You can also encourage your subscribers to share the post on social media by including share buttons in your newsletter.

4. Start Conversations

Your newsletters don't have to be formal – you can also stir conversations with readers to help them engage with your brand. 

Knowing what value you bring to your audience is the most important factor in newsletter success – and one of the best newsletter ideas is to speak with them about it. What do they want to see more of? What do they want to see less of? Discover the truth!

5. Add Infographics

Create an eye-catching infographic for your newsletter using a tool like Canva. Convert your year-end sales figures into noticeable charts or visually present customer satisfaction ratings and comments. While newsletters are typically text-heavy, effective marketing campaigns also incorporate stunning visual elements.

Visual materials, such as infographics, are critical for engaging readers, as readers pay more attention to images that convey information. This is one of the top newsletter ideas that balance the text and generate more engagement as it requires less time to process.

6. Unusual Ways to Use the Product 

Show users how your product can be used in ways that aren't immediately obvious.

7. Blog Post Roundups

A blog post roundup provides your readers with access to a selection of your company's best blog posts. You can, for example, create a blog post roundup of your most popular blogs of all time or compile blogs on a specific topic.

8. Share Case Studies

Are there any case studies on your website? If so, why not include them in your newsletter as well. Case studies offer an excellent combination of social proof and testimonials, driving more sales. 

Other helpful newsletter ideas may include:

9. Sharing a post from guest blogger

10. Sending quick tips

11. Sharing daily interesting facts that would entice the audience 

12. Informing customers about a job post currently open at your company 

13. Highlighting events associated with your business

14. Creating a list of informative videos 

15. Showing a step-by-step guide on how to do something, using a screenshot, video, or infographics

16. Interviewing industry experts and sharing their knowledge 

17. Sharing your best hacks that are industry-related or product-specific.

18. Share an article explaining ways to use your products.

19. Provide information on how to protect your products from being damaged. 

20. Create a beginner's guide to help your readers understand something interesting in your industry. 

Promotional Newsletter Ideas 

Email is a great way to promote your online business and sell digital products, in addition to sharing your knowledge and staying in touch with your subscribers. Did you know that for every dollar spent on email, you receive $38 back?

If you want to be perceived as a true creator rather than a salesperson, it's best to prioritize providing value and educating subscribers over driving sales. 

Here are a few promotional newsletter ideas you should know:

21. New Product Announcements

One of the best ways to make product announcements is through monthly newsletters.

Your newsletter subscribers are already attracted to your products; they're familiar with your brand and will require less persuasion to buy. These subscribers are the ideal target market for promoting your new collection.

You can also send an email before the product's release. That way, you can keep your audience updated and let them know when the launch will occur. Then, send a follow-up email with a special offer for the first customers.

22. Promotions & Offers 

Who doesn't love a good deal? Your subscribers will love getting emails from you with amazing promotions and offers. Try creating urgency with limited-time offers to increase conversions. You can add even more resolve to your newsletter by including a countdown timer that shows the minutes ticking away.

23. Run Themed Giveaways

A giveaway email is one of the best newsletter ideas you can use to notify your subscribers about the start and end of the giveaway and keep them interested with updates and notifications via email along the way. 

Giveaways are great for kickstarting relationships with your subscribers because regular newsletters and promotions aren't always enough to keep people interested. The prospect of receiving a free item instils a plethora of positive emotions in customers associated with your brand.

24. Educate Subscribers About Your Products 

An educational newsletter may be just what your customers need to move closer to a purchasing decision: highlight product specifications, features, or benefits using infographics or videos to engage the target audience.

25. Share Personalized Recommendations 

Sending your customers hand-picked content or special promotions is fine – sending them offers customized to their specific needs is truly impressive. 

You can use this by breaking down your audience into small, narrow segments based on their interests, demographic information, and purchase history.

Other promotional newsletter ideas include: 

26. Share upcoming events, such as trade shows, panels, charity drives, and more

27. Share an important press coverage centered around your company or brand

28. Introduce referral rewards program 

29. Send limited-time coupon codes to entice your audience to take action

30. Share social media contests, such as hashtag contests, picture contests, and more 

31. Share the top 5 or 10 resources on a topic your subscribers care about

32. Gather all of your recent activities and compile them into a Roundup Newsletter.

33. Write down your responses to the questions people ask you, and send them.

34. Interview an expert and share the results with your subscribers.

35.  Ask for questions on social media, then send out the answers in the form of a newsletter.

36. Share top social media posts via newsletter to give them an extra boost

37. Have you done anything interesting recently? Have you attended an event or completed a product launch or project at your organization? Share the behind-the-scenes with your audience!

Event-Based Newsletter Ideas 

The number of people who attend your event determines its success. Nothing is more disappointing than a low turnout, given the time and effort you put into planning and executing the event – this is where event newsletters come in handy.

Event newsletters are a great way to reach audiences and maximize attendance by doing everything from spreading the word and generating interest to sharing event details and sending timely reminders.

38. Send Event Invitations

If you're hosting an event, invite those who subscribe to your newsletter! These are the people who have signed up to hear from you. Sending invites to them is, hands down, one of the best ways to promote your event.

39. Share Event Recaps

Whether you attended an event or hosted it, creating an event recap is a fantastic way to expand your reach. The people on your list will see what the event was like. And if you publish an event recap quickly enough, you can get some extra attention from the event's influencers.

Other event-based newsletter ideas include:  

40. Send webinar invitations to attract as many attendees as possible and entice them to click through and register for the event.

41. Send coupons or discounts to the segmented audience on Labor Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and more.

42. Share a picture of an event you hosted or attended to keep your audience entertained.

43. Inform your subscribers that you will be attending an upcoming event or panel.

44. Send happy birthday emails to your customers on their special day and surprise them with a discount.

45. Send gift cards to your subscribers on specific occasions

Company Newsletters for Sharing Updates & News

What's going on in your company? Is there something interesting your audience should know? Did your company recently interview someone? Your audience will surely be eager to hear about it. Newsletter for company keeps your subscribers up to date on any new developments, such as launching a new product or forming a new partnership. Spotify sends out a newsletter-style email in which it highlights several of its podcasts. 

Here are a few newsletter ideas to highlight company updates:

46. Discuss company milestones that you are particularly proud of with your customers in your newsletters.

47. Share a discovery made by your company that has improved your product or service.

48. Discuss how your company stays compliant with the regulations

49. Talk about a recent challenge your company encountered and how did you overcome it

50. If you've recently interviewed an influencer or business tycoon, your subscribers would love to hear the details. 

51. Inform subscribers about your business collaborations and emphasize the benefits

52. Include a list of useful online resources.

53. Have you written eBooks, white papers, or how-to guides? If so, include a link to it in your newsletter.

54. Collect and share a few customer reviews about a specific product in your newsletter.

55. Write a success story on one of your clients and share it with your subscribers

56. Sharing statistics about your business, products, or industry is a great way to gain exposure

57. Create a countdown series to celebrate the launch of a new product or feature.

58. Include any recent media coverage your organization has received, such as articles, documentaries, or podcasts.

59. Inquire employees about their favorite feature of your product/service and why they enjoy it so much.

60. List job openings at your organizations

61. Introduce team members

62. Share an article on the company's history 

63. Show a 'day-in-the-life' reel of your company.

64. Is there anything particularly noteworthy or controversial in your field? Share it with your subscribers.

65. Share a successful team-building exercise and what you learned from it.

Newsletter Ideas for Improving Customers Involvement 

There are numerous ways to engage your audience in a conversation via a newsletter. Not only does this approach bolster your marketing efforts and generate high-quality content, but it also strengthens your business's relationship with its customers. 

The customer newsletter is an integral part of an end-to-end marketing strategy that boosts customer satisfaction and delivers an exceptional customer experience. 

Let's discuss a few newsletter ideas perfect for boosting customer engagement. 

66. Share Product Tips and Tricks

Provide tips and tricks for using your products to assist your customers in being more productive and efficient. Is there a way to expedite a routine task? A useful feature that solves a problem, but few people are aware of it? These are the types of suggestions that customers love. 

67. Share Customer Interviews About a Specific Product

Interview different customers regarding a new product launch and share it with your subscribers to help them gain an insight into the new product functionality or features. 

68. Give a Problem-Solving Advice

What are the most common problems that your customers encounter? Can you assist with completing tasks or overcoming obstacles? Depending on how many customers you serve, you may be in a unique position to discover ideas or best practices that benefit even one customer and share them in your customer newsletter.

Other newsletter ideas for improving customer involvement include:

69. Help the new customer get acquainted with your products or company processes 

70. Share your expertise on a particular topic centered around your brand

71. Hold new contests and invite customers to take part to win special rewards

72. Ask customers for product feedback

73. Share company changes that may impact customers

74. Test customer knowledge of your products or services

75. Invite customers to a new product launch or branch opening

76. Share a crazy meme regarding your product or services 

77. Take a poll and share the results in the newsletter

78. Ask subscribers to share pictures of themselves using your product and include these in your newsletters.

79. Encourage customers to review your products 

80. Engage in storytelling about customers doing great things, including hiking, raising funds, and more

81. Mark the anniversaries of when people joined your email list. You can include a small gift in this email, such as free shipping or a discount.

82. Discuss what your customer community has been talking about on Facebook, forums, and your website.

83. Give shout outs to loyal customers

Blog Newsletter Ideas 

Online publications, such as blogs, are a major trend that has withstood the test of time, even in the internet era, where a new trend emerges every day. You can keep your subscribers engaged and entertained by sharing blog posts regularly. 

Here are a few newsletter ideas you can use to share blog posts and publications with your customers:

84. List your most viewed blog posts and entice customers to give them a read

85. Put together a list of your most popular videos 

86. Share a few tips or tricks on ways to use your products or services

87. Pique customer interest and stimulate opinion and social debate on controversial topics

88. Highlight a podcast release with small quotes and transcriptions

89. Showcase the most commented and shared blogs

90. Design a themed email encircling one focus topic 

91. Pull out excerpts from blog posts

Fun Newsletter Ideas

Apart from sharing company updates and product announcements, adding a little fun to your newsletters to pique customer interest is a good idea. Here are a few ways to up your newsletter game by sending fun content! 

92. Share a list of trending movies or TV shows to help your subscribers binge-watch the coming weekend 

93. Send weekend discounts or coupons

94. Share a holiday greeting 

95. Send inspirational quotes to give your subscribers something to think about

96. Introduce your company's pet by sharing a picture in the newsletter

97. Send personalized emails to your subscribers by including their first name in the subject line or email text, and say something nice to them.

98. Share fun pictures of your employees on Halloween, Christmas, or any other event 

99. If your company actively posts on social media, share a fun tweet or Instagram post

100. Share an insane fact that would blow up your subscriber's mind

101. Provide a sneak peek of what people are talking about in your Facebook or Twitter group 

102. Make a list of your favorites on Spotify and share it with your subscribers – give them something to listen to over the week!

103. Is there anything interesting you learned during the month? Share it with your subscribers

104. Give shout outs to your customers – let them know they're special!

105. Share promo video from the latest TV show or movie

106. Discuss new trends with your subscribers – tell them what's hot in the season. 

E-Commerce Newsletter Ideas

One of the best ways to bring more customers to your e-commerce site is by sending them newsletters that improve click-through rates as well as engagement. Some e-commerce companies send weekly newsletters summarizing their most recent content; others send monthly or quarterly newsletters that focus on broad trends or key developments.

Here are a few newsletter examples for your e-commerce store:

107. Create a list of your best sellers and email it to your customers to make it easier to browse through them.

108. Collaborate with different sellers to offer promotional discounts or coupons to your customers via newsletter 

109. Provide a brief review of another company's products that complements yours.

110. Have limited products in store? Create a list and send it to your subscribers – they'll appreciate being the first ones to hear about the exclusive products

111. Let your subscribers know about a popular product when it's back in stock

112. Tell stories behind the products you sell

113. Share a video to explain how to use a product

114. Mention major events and awareness days related to your company's mission and the priorities of your target audience.

115. Share advice on the hottest new fashion trends, the most recent technological announcements, or the most desirable beauty products.

116. Offer personalized product inspiration

117. Share product reviews and testimonials

118. Provide customers with discounts and offers on special occasions

119. Share last-minute deals

120. Announce a mid-season sale on products

121. Start a countdown to a clearance sale

122. Reward your loyal customers with discounts or shout outs

123. Share useful resources to help your customers choose the right products

124. Collaborate with influencers and share their experience 

125. Provide a click-to-scratch option where your customers can scan the scratch card to see a promotion code for your online business

126. Send personalized emails based on customer preferences

127. Ask your customers to make unboxing videos and share the link with your subscribers 

128. Share a list of FAQs 

129. Write blogs about different ways to style your products 

130. Share useful tutorials on how to use your products

131. Share quick tips, facts, or recipes using your products

What kind of newsletter do you share to your subscribers? Would you like us to write Newsletters for your brand? Let's connect.

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