14 Best Gadgets for Writers

top gadgets for writers

As a writer, you're probably looking for ways to streamline your workflow and improve the quality of your content in order to add more value. Whether you're writing an epic novel, blog post, article, or more, there are various gadgets for writers that can help you write better and faster without missing out on deadlines.

Every writer experiences challenges that can hinder their ability to write, such as writer's block, where you may sit in front of your computer screen or notepad for hours without putting a single thought into words. Being unable to generate new ideas can be overwhelming, and it can linger for days or even weeks for some writers.

That's when a few gadgets can help you bridge the gap. 

Let's take a look at these top gadgets for writers that can help you organize your writing life. 

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15 Best Gadgets for Writers – Be the Writer You Aspire to Be

There are various gadgets that can help boost creativity, productivity, and motivation in writers, bringing the best ideas out of them. Here we've shortlisted some of our editors' favorites. 

1. Wireless Keyboard with Customizable Emoji Keys

The best typing keyboard should be constructed to allow you to complete all your writing tasks in one go. This POP Keys' mechanical wireless keyboard is one of the must-have gears to boost productivity. This is an obvious pick for any writer looking for a multi-device keyboard. You can type on your PC, tablet, or smartphone with only one keyboard – all thanks to the speedy Bluetooth connection.

For optimum flexibility, this keyboard enables you to switch between three paired devices simultaneously via a single easy-switch button.

The keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android. The space-saving frame features all the keys you need, including customizable emoji keys, enabling a seamless touch-typing that improves your typing speed. The keyboard encourages improved posture and shoulder alignment with its portability and compactness. 

wireless emoji keyboard

Wireless Emoji Keyboard  


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  • Multiple Device Compatibility 
  • Long Battery Life
  • Convenient Switch Between Three Paired Devices
  • Highly Responsive for Touch Typists 
  • Reliable Bluetooth Connection 

2. Get Stuff Done with Cube Timer

This 2.36-inch square Cube Timer is the best thing you can get to keep yourself on the right track. Whether you find yourself freezing up at the sight of a blank screen or cannot write your ideas down, set a timer to force yourself to write for a given interval.

time management timer

Cube Timer for Productivity  


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It offers a time duration of 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes to help you keep away from distractions while writing. What's more is that you get a displayed countdown in minute seconds so you can keep track of how much time you spend on everything, such as writing, researching, editing, proofreading, and more.

This is one of the best gadgets for writers who find it hard to manage time. The cube timer is pre-alarm activated, and it beeps twice every second till you flip it, turns it off, or presumably until the battery runs out.


  • Switch Timer ON/OFF
  • Symbol LED activated
  • Pre-Alarm Activated
  • Display Countdown
  • LED Button

3. Laptop

Laptops are essential gadgets for writers, and The Lenovo Yoga C740's 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processor is an ideal laptop for writing. It allows extended battery life, high-speed networking, and ultra-responsive multitasking performance in a slim design, combining powerful performance with compact portability.

The Yoga C740 (14) offers a powerful experience for writers, featuring a high-resolution display with narrow borders on all sides. It's a 2-in-1 convertible laptop that can smoothly transition into a tablet so you can write on the go. Since writing requires a lot of research, you can browse various websites without network issues – all thanks to the faster connectivity of WiFi 6* which offers speed up to 9.6Gbps. 

What's more, you get up to 13 hours of battery life, so you can leave the power supply at home and write wherever you want to. 

Lenovo laptop

Lenovo C740 2-in-1 Laptop  


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  • 13 Hours of Battery Life
  • 2-in-1 convertible laptop
  • WiFi 6 Connectivity 
  • 16GB Memory
  • Integrated Intel® graphics

4. E-Book Reader

Instead of carrying dozens of books or browsing through libraries, try investing in an e-book reader. Whether you're working on a book review, assignment, article, or more, you need to do a lot of extensive research; that's when an e-book reader can help you write fluently, without interruptions.

This Kobo Clara HD e-book reader is just what every writer needs. You can also give it as a Christmas Gift or Valentine's Day gift to your creative friends. From easily customizable features to the 6-inch glare-free high-definition screen, it is one of the best gadgets for writers who do extensive research. The 8GB storage allows you to carry up to 6000+ books everywhere you go. You can customize the features as per your preferences, choosing from 50 font sizes and 12 font types. 

That's not all; this e-book reader has an extended battery life that lasts for weeks, so you can read as much as you want on a single charge. The possibilities are unlimited with adjustable margins, the ability to highlight passages, add notes, and a built-in dictionary at the touch of a finger.

ebook reader

Kobo Clara e-book reader 


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  • 8GB Storage
  • Uninterrupted Reading on Single Charge
  • 6-Inch Glare-Free Screen
  • Customizable Options
  • Brightness or Temperature Adjustment 

5. Microphone for Podcasting/Streaming/YouTube Channel Recording

As a writer, you probably have a story to tell, ideas to share, or a unique perspective to discuss to entice your readers and strengthen your platform. Before you can start a podcast or live stream, you'll need a microphone – this Wavo Pod microphone is the perfect gateway for podcasting and streaming.

This JOBY-designed podcast microphone is plug-and-play and ready to start streaming right away without any complexities. It is simple and easy to use, providing great sound quality of 24bit/48kHz for laptops and USB-C devices.

Whether you wish to promote your upcoming book or interact with your readers, podcasts and live streaming is the way to go. This microphone has built-in volume, mute, and gain controls that produce a clean broadcast voice. 

Joby microphone

Podcast Microphone 


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  • 24bit/48kHz High-Quality Audio 
  • Pop Filter Accessory for Clean Broadcast Voice
  • Omnidirectional and Directional Recording Patterns 
  • Built-in Volume, Mute, & Gain Controls
  • Unique Sound

6. Smart Reusable Notebook 

Gone are the days when taking notes meant choosing between traditional notes and accessing an app for writing. Nowadays, you can take notes by hand while still having access to them on your phone or laptop – The Smart Reusable Notebooks are the way to go! Instead of letting your ideas wander freely, use this smart notebook to confine them from escaping.

You can save all your handwritten notes on Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, iCloud, and more. 

The smart reusable notebooks give you the liberty to write, organize, scan, and reuse while keeping the authentic pen and paper feel. The Rocketbook app helps you scan and connect your notes to the cloud to save and share your notes digitally. 

ecofriendly notebook

Dot-Grid Smart Notebook  


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  • Works with any Pilot Frixion Pen, Marker, or Highlighter 
  • Includes one letter-size notebook, Pilot Frixion Pen, & Microfiber Cloth
  • Erasable & Reusable Pages
  • Options for Lined & Dot-Grid Templates
  • The Rocketbook App Scans & Connects Notes to Cloud

7. Writer's Blocks Software

The smartest way to write while saving time is to use writer's block software. With Writer's Blocks for Windows, you'll be amazed at how much more productive, enjoyable, and creative your writing becomes. It enables you to create, view, and organize your writing in ways you've always desired.

Type your thoughts directly into the blocks. Each block is a full-featured word processor document containing an unlimited amount of text. As a result, you'll have significantly more control, organization, and creative freedom than you're used to. Writer's Blocks includes plenty of time-saving and creativity-enhancing features to help you write better.

Writer's Blocks software is the best app for writing where you can organize your work by arranging, color-coding, and grouping it into a column. You don't have to be bound by the never-ending scrolling of word processing software – say goodbye to your writer's block and hello to creativity. 

writers block software

Writer's Block Software  


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  • Arrange, Capture, & Organize Your Ideas
  • Organize Blocks Under Up to 100 Columns
  • Familiar Modern Interface
  • Easily Customizable

8. Outlining Your Novel Software

As a novel writer, you're probably looking for ways to write stories that would stay with your readers for years to come. The Outlining Your Novel Workbook software is a brainstorming tool that helps writers create the stories of their dreams. 

This software assists you in identifying the brilliant possibilities inherent in your ideas, allowing you to focus on those that are most suitable for crafting a solid story that will entertain and move your readers.

Writing a novel is a difficult task that frequently leaves writers unsure of where to begin or what questions to ask in order to obtain the right answers. By employing an outlining technique (at any stage of the writing process), you can gain a bird's-eye view of your plot, character, and theme.

outlining your novel

Outlining Your Novel Workbook 


Buy Now


  • Create Stories with a Three-Act plot or Perfect Scene Structure 
  • Keep Track of Your Story's Timeline
  • Brainstorm the Big Picture of Character Arcs, Themes, and More
  • Print or Export Outlines as Txt Files

9. SanDisk Wireless Stick

If you're working remotely, this gadget could be very helpful in this regard to bring an office-like experience into your home. The ScanDisk Wireless stick is a reinvented flash drive that allows you to wirelessly access and share your files on any of your devices - phone, computer, or tablet. You don’t need to plug it in. It just needs to be charged only. 

wireless flash drive

Flash Drive  


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  • Now share your files from a distance on multiple devices from wherever you like without an internet connection or wires.
  • As long as you have this flash drive, you can stream videos and music on up to 3 devices at the same time.
  • Free up your tablet or phone memory -- the SanDisk Wireless Stick is available in capacities up to 128GB.   

10. Jabra Speak Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Jabra offers top-notch quality headphones and bluetooth speakers which are great for productivity -- you can even listen to music and block out all the other distracting noises around you. They also take it a step further, by offering tools and solutions for businesses. 

bluetooth wireless speaker

Bluetooth Speaker 


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  • Jabra Speak Series is a line of speakerphones that make work-related conference calls easier.
  • They offer crisp and clear sound and help in reducing technical difficulties during conference calls.
  • This is highly recommended if you are working remotely to conduct efficient meetings without any technical problems getting in the way. 

11. Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor

Need an extra screen to speed up multitasking at work? This high-quality portable touchscreen monitor will be the perfect pick for you, as it can increase your efficiency and you get work done. 

touchscreen monitor

Touch Screen Monitor 


Buy Now


  • You can easily connect the screen to a USB-C port on your laptop.
  • They are designed technically to be slim, portable, and lightweight.
  • With a screen quality of up to 4K, you will be surprised at how cost-effective they are and how great your screen will look while you are working at home. 

12. eBeam Smartmarker

Make your pitch sessions and meetings more effective and interactive by sharing your whiteboard notes with the eBeam Smartmarker anywhere in the world. 


  • Insert any regular dry erase marker in the Smartmarker sleeve, and whatever you write will be captured and shared.
  • No need to send a stack of blurry photos after a conference anymore.
  • With eBeam Smartmarker location can’t limit your communication, you can use it at any writing surface. 

13. Saent

Saent is a productivity tool that works with a physical button and an app that blocks interrupting sites and apps. According to the creators of Saent: “If you have a visual or physical cue, that makes any behavior change much stronger if there is something in the environment to remind you.”


  • The button is what does the trick -- hit the button and your computer gets a viral lockdown, now you cannot access your most common distractions in previously timed sessions anymore.
  • Saent is very useful and acts as a visual cue for your colleagues displaying when you should not be disturbed, and alarms you when you should take a break to recharge yourself.
  • It also generates reports on your productivity levels and work patterns to measure your performance.

14. Magnetic Fidgi Pen

A lot of us bounce our legs, click our pens, or otherwise mindlessly fidget with something while we are in the middle of a meeting, working through a puzzle or problem over a project. But you don’t always have to fidget by clicking your pen. Get this fidget magnets polar pens that will make you a child again. It's like playing LEGO.

Fidget Magnets Polar Pen

Fidget Magnets Polar Pen  


Buy Now


  • With this pen, you get a lot of built-in fidgety features that can be used to focus, destress, and calm your anxiety.
  • It has a rolling ball on the side, a spinning disk on top, and also a switch-like button.
  • Fidget away with any of these while working and nobody will ever notice. 

15. Under Desk Elliptical Machine

If you have a full-time desk job and your feet turns red or cold after long hours of work, then trust us you'll love this elliptical machine. It's a little pricey, but worth your investment. We recommend it to everyone who needs something to keep moving their feet while working for good blood circulation.

under desk elliptical machine

Under desk Elliptical Machine 


Buy Now

In addition to easing your discomfort, it will help with your physical fitness. You can use the pedals at different angles by adjusting the distance you sit from it. Put it under your desk and just rest your feet on it.

Take Your Writing and Productivity to the Next Level – The Bottom Line

It's best to look for ways to improve your productivity and creativity when writing – and the best way to do so is by getting your hands on some of the best gadgets for writers. Writing great prose is no longer solely the result of a flash of inspiration; you need the right gadgets and software to shape your ideas into enticing words.

It's time to write at your full potential!

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