22 Spooky-good Halloween Marketing Ideas to Spice Up Your Sales (+Free Instagram templates and ad copy texts)

sppoktacular marketing ideas for halloween

The most awaited Halloween shopping season is upon us. It's time to work on some ghoulishly delightful Halloween marketing ideas to fill up your baskets with profits. You have to be dreadfully creative while crafting your content for Halloween marketing campaigns. 

It's indisputable to say that there's a blood-curdling competition present out there. And if you want to brew up your sales you need to up your content marketing game. You can use some furiously delightful Halloween marketing words to scare your audience while promoting jaw-dropping sales.

By coming up with crazy Halloween advertising ideas, you can attract more potential customers in this spooky season.

However, if you are already overwhelmed with the Halloween marketing buzz out there and run of ideas, don't worry, this guide is for you.

Don't let the season of dread scare off your motivation.

Try these Halloween promotion ideas and let your products/services be the favorite spirit for this season. 

Scary Halloween Marketing Ideas

1. Create fear-inspiring social media posts

2. Work on Halloween themed projects

3. Halloween-ize your products

4. Repost your customers' clever ideas

5. Create haunting hashtags

6. Arrange Halloween contests

7. Go cray-cray on the decoration

8. Theme up your website/storefront

9. Add extra spooky services

10. Design bone-chilling ads

11. Collaborate with local stores

12. Collaborate with fall-themed attractions

13. Work on your Halloween branding

14. Offer a limited edition Halloween-themed product

15. Branded trick-or-treating

16. Host customized giveaways

17. Send out warm and spooky email blasts

18. Get viral with zombie content

19. Offer a frightful discount

20. Get creative with lead magnets

21. Create spooky Halloween commercials (video ads.)

22. Host buzz-worthy virtual Halloween party

1. Create Fear-Inspiring Social Media Posts

fear inspiring social media ads

With creative Halloween social media posts, you can win the hearts of your target audience. There's no denying that social media plays a vital role in marketing, especially for e-commerce brands. So, if you want to stand out you should play creatively in crafting your Halloween marketing campaigns to gain more advantage.

Here are a few Halloween social media marketing posts ideas - Itís all just a bunch of HOCUS POCUS.

Create spooky fun challenges for followers to participate in. Maybe a scavenger hunt on your website or storefront?

  • Use gifs and other haunting videos and graphics
  • Create IGTV tutorials for DIY makeup looks/costumes
  • What about IG reels?

Get Free Social Media Post Templates (Halloween Inspired). 

2. Work On Halloween Themed Projects 

halloween themed projects

Halloween is right around the corner, and there is not much time for you to plan how things will turn in the face of that day. You can simply work on the Halloween projects rather than stretching out your work and ignoring the theme-based work.

This is the right time when to put in all your extra efforts and come up with creative twists that can attract customers and boost sales. You can also add up thrifty Halloween themes to your current projects and save up money.

3. Halloween-ize Your Products 

halloweenize your products

At this time, you have to personalize customer experience if you want some money-spinning results. You have to think from a broader perspective, and you can manufacture your products in the theme of Halloween. If you are an apparel company, come up with a Halloween collection inspired by the occasion and craft dreadful product descriptions that impress them to buy from the collection. 

If you do not have products that can be manufactured into something Halloween-based, they add some additional touches to the products. If you have a restaurant, you can also create a Halloween-themed dish or dessert, so there are unlimited options that you can try.

4. Repost Your Customers' Clever Ideas 

repost your customers ideas

This is one of the most practiced advertising ideas that has been used by different big brands around the world. You can view the customers' profiles who are using your branded products and repost their pictures and videos to your official page.

This will not only be a cost-effective way of promotion, but it can also increase your credibility among your customers. These types of marketing techniques are beneficial in both monetary and non-monetary terms.

5. Create Haunting Hashtags 

create haunting hashtags

Social media has opened so many doors for businesses to market their products and services, and in times like Halloween, you can use all these features and benefits. However, one primary Halloween marketing tactic that can highly benefit you is the use of Hashtags.

You can create some unique haunting hashtags that your customers can use whenever they are putting up a picture or a video that includes your product or their shopping expertise at your place.

These hashtags will highlight your presence during the Halloween festivities.


















6. Arrange Halloween Contests

arrange variety of contests

If we want to explore the marketing opportunities that we have in hand for the Halloween season, you can arrange some unique Halloween contests.

It is when people bring out their creative side and create their costumes, work of decorations, carve pumpkins, and make spooky-looking dishes.

You can help them show off their creativity and talents through your platform by tagging you in it or mentioning you through hashtags.

You can also keep terms of using one of your products in it; this way, you cannot just up your marketing game but also amplify your sales.  

7. Go Cray-Cray on the Decorations 

At this time, don't underestimate decorating your physical store. The decoration is one of the primary practices that you must adopt while Halloween is just ahead of us.

You should not only decorate your outlet or store on that specific day, but the actual win is when you do it before the day of Halloween.

You can give those spooky touches within and outside your store and even try to stand out by adding some extra decorative items to provide a ghostly vibe.

You can add some artistically carved pumpkins, fake cobwebs, and hang some skeletons.

8. Theme up Your Website /Storefront

theme up your website

People will most likely to visit your website before heading towards your store to gather all the necessary information, you should be ready for it. If you need your customers to have a great time shopping, ask your developer to modify the website with a Halloween theme.

If you do not want to overdo it, you can also just add a Halloween event landing page with some scary Halloween Marketing slogans.

Moreover, you can also develop some engaging activities on the landing page that can attract the customer and decrease your bounce rate.

For instance, as New York jeweler Kendra Scott did with their website, they asked the customer to search for the hidden pumpkins present on the website.

9. Add Extra Spooky Services 

extra spooky services

You can attract some new customers by providing some excellent services at your store during the Halloween season. You can set up a corner where you can offer different exciting services for kids like scary face paintings.

You can also add a game corner to attract many new customers and increase the chances of selling your products. You can also use a marketing method to ask customers to play several Halloween-themed games and gain different types of discounts.

10. Design Bone-Chilling Ads 

bone chilling halloween ads

In the current era, advertisements have taken all forms when placing them on the internet and TV. It would be best to explore your broadcast advertising options, social media ads, and Paid search advertising, outdoor, or print ads. Everything can count in your favor.

Once you know what paths you have to take, you should design some ghoulish advertising copies that can be used in each of these mediums.

So, brush up your brain and write some creative, funniest, and spooky Halloween ad copy texts.

You can search online for Halloween advertising ideas or craft some great headlines or catchy primary texts with your teammates.

33 Halloween Ad copy ideas:

  1. Happy Halloween! Get A Spooktacular Deal!
  2. Itís time for howls and pump grins.
  3. No Tricks, Only Treats At This Halloween Sale!
  4. Fly or Crawl, our Halloween Sale is for all!
  5. Have a spooky-licious Treat!
  6. Too Ghouly to ignore.
  7. Enjoy some boo bites with witches and ghosts
  8. Hallo-Scream! Get ready to sip this eerie drink
  9. Join us if you dare for an eerie ride
  10. If the Boom fits, fly it!
  11. Enjoy pumpkin pies with the witches
  12. Halloween night is bunches of fun however on the off chance that you see a beast, run, run, run!
  13. Notch up your Halloween costume with {PRODUCT}
  14. The offer is witch-ful considering
  15. Trick or Treat? We give you something great to eat!
  16. Own a piece of the horror classics.
  17. We're having a Monster of a Sale!
  18. It's Witchy-wicked Halloween Sale with Deals this great, you can get twofold!
  19. The Goblins say the offer is simply Ghostlicious!
  20. Missing this deal would be a beast of a slip-up.
  21. Itís the Halloween Shop. Trick or treat yourself.
  22. Early Witch Halloween Sale
  23. BOO! 60% off Halloween styles.
  24. Celebrate Halloween with Gholishly great offer! Get 33% off on our spooky styles.
  25. These Monster Cookies won't eat you.
  26. Trick or Treating on an Empty Stomach? Now THATíS scary!
  27. ???? All Your Cosplay Faves Ready for Halloween! ????
  28. Goblin approved Halloween Candles.
  29. Come as a clown, eat like a king.
  30. It's the hunger monster's favorite dish
  31. Our 50% off deals only come out at mid-night. Dare to grub!
  32. You turn into a Vampire when you're HUNGRY! Pick up (food item) for Halloween Satisfaction.
  33. Are you ready for some Spooky breakfast?

Once you have Halloween marketing and advertising texts in hand, you can use them in your newsletters, social media posts, postcards, invitation cards, ads, everywhere.

11. Collaborate with Local Stores 

collaborate with local stores

This is a perfect marketing move for small businesses like website designing companies, bakeries, or sales and retail stores. You can begin by pitching your ideas to the other stores through which you think you can have a profitable collaboration.

For example, if you are a website designing service provider, you can ask a bakery store to add in some of their Halloween-themed munching items in your store for the season, and you can modify their website in return.

It is a cost-effective celebration and can fulfill your marketing needs.

12. Collaborate with Fall-Themed Attractions 

fall themed attractions

During the Halloween holiday and fall season, it is more likely that people tend to visit desirable places such as cider mills and apple orchards.

So, in this case, if you team up with them, it will be a significant marketing move for your business to gain the attention of more and more new customers from around the different areas. 

You can also offer discounted tickets for those places to the customers that come to your store and buy products. This will be beneficial for both the business and this collaboration could turn into something extremely fruitful.

13. Work On Your Halloween Branding 

work on your halloween branding

Branding is one of the most pivotal aspects of the business that you cannot ignore in any way. It helps you create an identity and allows you to build a brand that stays in the customer's mind for the long run.

If you already have strong branding going on, you can incorporate the Halloween touches into it to highlight your active participation in the Halloween festivities.

You can add just a little bat on your logo, or you can give it a spooky look in any other way. This will leave the customers curious to check out what you have in your store.

14. Offer A Limited Edition Halloween-themed Product

halloween themed packages

When it is about notching up your sales charts, you have to add in some creativity in your marketing tactics to help you achieve your goals. At the time of special occasions, regular products might not gain much attention than the exclusive ones.

People wait a long time to shop at this time, and here you have the opportunity to add in some ideas that can increase your sales. Conjure up some new Halloween arrivals or give your existing products a spooky tweak with stress that the product is a limited edition.

People love to buy limited editions - the more exclusive and limited your product/service/menu, the more people will be on board.

If you own a coffee shop, restaurant, bakery, food truck, cafe, put some pizzazz Into your offerings. Because Halloween evokes the senses - and the senses sell!

Here are some ideas:

  • Bakeries can sell green witch finger cookies and strawberry ghosts covered in white chocolate.
  • Restaurants can offer vampire cocktails with a plastic spider garnish.
  • Gyms could throw a Halloween-inspired black-lit fitness class where neon sneakers illuminate. Or have participants lift a giant pumpkin.

15. Branded Trick-Or-Treating 

Trick-or-treating is one of the most practiced activities in the festival of Halloween. Even if someone is not doing decorations or attending parties, they buy candies for the kids who will knock on their doors on Halloween.

Businesses can market themselves by adding their brand names to their candies on their front counter.

16. Host Customized Giveaways 

One more marketing method that can help you gain a competitive edge in the current season of Halloween is that you should design customize giveaways. When customers come to your shop, giveaways are necessary to hand over to them because it makes them feel good to shop at your store. 

Moreover, if you customize goodie bags and boxes to forward your giveaways, it increases your brand identity and credibility. Plus, it also markets your brand as long as that bag is in use.

17. Send Out Warm and Spooky Email Blasts  

send out email blasts

You can create some eye-catching Halloween invites for the big Halloween sales day and spread them out on all the social media platforms. You can also conduct email marketing, which seems like a great idea. Write warm, spooky, short, and eye-catching email subject lines and newsletters to spice up your marketing campaigns. And personalize them with some spooky emojis to increase open rates.

According to Optinmonster, email marketing is the best source of attracting customers as it has a 4400% rate of potential ROI.

You can add savings coupons in your emails and keep the expiry date on Halloweens witching the hour of midnight.

You can try these 8 Halloween marketing email subject lines:

  1. Peek into Our Exclusively Frightfully Halloween Deals 
  2. Ding, Dong! We Are Treating With Some Scary Deals
  3. UN-BOO!-lievable Deals!! Trick or Treat yourself with these creepy Halloween Coupons
  4. Bone-chilling Halloween FREEBIES! Get Yours Before They Vanish
  5. ???? Ghoul, TREAT Yourself to These Recipes.
  6. Kick-off A Spooktacular October!
  7. A small TREAT To Go with All Those TRICKS!
  8. Grab These Spooky Best Sellers Before They Ghost!

18. Get Viral with Zombie Content 

Halloween falls on the very last day of October but the sales start to hit the aisles before the fall leaves change color. So, try to get in early to boost sales volume.

Create the most hair-raising (and fun!) Halloween marketing campaigns with zombie content ideas.

You can create a holiday-themed infographic, a bone-chilling commercial video, or some user-generated content. 

People love listicles so, if you are running a business blog, you create a lot of listicle posts to sway your audience.

Here are some great examples of listicle posts:

  • 10 Costume Ideas for Pets
  • 17 DIY Halloween Decor You Can Try 
  • 9 Best Halloween Recipes to Scare Your Guests
  • Top 10 Classic Halloween Candies of All Time
  • 19 Ghost-fully Creative Halloween Party Ideas
  • 10 Halloween content marketing tips 
  • 19 ways to attract your customers with Halloween sales
  • 21 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas
  • 18 Halloween Game Ideas to Trick Or Treat
  • 25 Halloween Facts and Myths

There could be a lot more listicle posts you can craft that would surely bring tons of website visits. 

19. Offer A Frightful Discount

Marketers huff and puff to milk their seasonal campaigns for all their worth during Halloween. So if you also want to maximize sales this season, offer some treats like candies and cakes prepared and decorated especially for Halloween to your customers. They will love it. You can also dress up in a mysterious character and walk the aisles with your customers in-store to engage them. You can also use a simple DIY photo booth. In addition, you can offer special promo codes for your followers, such as ZOMBIE10, BOO25, HALLOWEEEN30, SAVEWITCH20, TRICK15, etc.

20. Get Creative with Lead Magnets

Halloween is the best time to attract more subscribers to your email list. Give them something worth the subscription.

You can create a fun and creative Halloween magazine as a lead magnet, or a 20% off gift card to redeem on the day of the dread. If you offer services like writing and marketing, you can give them ghoulishly delightful marketing materials, such as Halloween-themed social media templates as a lead magnet.

For SAAS business, free access to the new feature in the software or app can be a good lead magnet.

21. Create Spooky Halloween Commercials(Video Ads.)

Why not try video ads. this season? Get your witchy hats on and compose some great visual content for your seasonal campaign. YouTube videos, IGTV videos, and TV commercials can leave lasting impressions on viewers with more positive emotions. You can generate great Halloween content with a bit of creative thinking, even if your core offering isnít spooky.

Canva's Video Editor Free online tool is a clever way to promote business, particularly during Halloween. You can make videos from scratch or choose from various themed templates coupled with animated graphics, and even music tracks to create that spook-tacular, high-quality video showcasing products and services that can be shared via email or posted on different social media platforms. 

22. Host Buzzworthy Virtual Theme Parties 

virtual theme parties

Are you looking out for doing something unique in the crucial time of this pandemic where social distancing has become more vital than ever? Well, there is an out-of-the-box Halloween marketing idea that can help you in engaging with your customers and presenting them with some exciting offers.

You can host a Halloween-themed virtual party that your customers can attend while staying at home.

You can ask some influencers to be a part of that gathering to gain more people to join your party. Or call it a Happy Hour Halloween Bash or go with something spooky to increase the excitement.

People can join in with their families and show their Halloween costumes and decorations. Be a source of spreading some joy on that day and offer rewards for loyal customers at the end of the bash.

Cherish The Halloween Marketing Magic With Us!

This Halloween, make sure you have used all the possible marketing tactics in your power to boost up your business. You can request awesome Halloween content for great marketing treats.

Whether you need blog posts, infographics, listicles, video scripts, email subject lines, ads or social media posts for your Halloween marketing campaigns, our talented writers and graphic designers will help you out! We can rest assured that you will get what you desired.

And since we deliver professional content writing services in as little as 24 hours, you will always stay within your campaign schedule. 

Hold on to your magic broomstick, and let's take your business profit ratio sky-high on numbers. Contact us today!

Happy Halloween!  

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