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We have the best script writers for hire who will craft a captivating and influencing scripts for Oscar-worthy corporate and promotional videos.
Share your ideas with us, and our creative script writers will craft compelling scripts for You!

Professional Video Script Writing Service

Because you can't afford to waste a single scene due to a poorly crafted script
Nowadays, if you want to get a personal interaction with your audience, you need to hit the video marketing platform. The world is moving fast, and people spend no more than 5 seconds to judge whether they want to continue with a product/service or not. If you want to get in the eyes, catch their attention in the first five seconds. And you can do that with a compelling video script and with interactive animations & graphics.
Our explainer video script writing service will make your marketing video more dynamic and captivating. It will open up a multitude of new opportunities for your business.
Our experienced and professional video script writers will create a persuasive script that can grab the attention of even the most passive of viewers. Our script writers for corporate video and audio can help you develop the right concept & tone, which will turn your audios and videos more effective, influential, and engaging.
Be it a script for a product demo, commercial or instructional video, or even slogan writing; we have creative script writers for hire who can integrate your unique selling ideas into all facets of your video project.
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professional script writing service
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Best Script Writers for An Attention-Grabbing Video Copy

To create an attention-grabbing video copy, you need to have a flair of writing a script that builds an emotional connection with the audience, creates an impact, and entertain them at the same time. Our professional script writers are acquainted with all the fundamental precepts of script writing.
They have that creative flair in writing through which they can easily fit a brand concept, international ad message, or a business service inside a few slides.
At The Content Unlimited, we can bring your imaginations to life with high-quality script writing. We aim to deliver a well-written script at your desired timeline.
We have a talented and creative team that can turn any complex idea into an engaging and entertaining script. You can proudly present your business/product/service in front of your audience in the form of a compelling story.
Our best video script writers are competent enough to create a strong script that won't divert your audience's attention even for a single second.

Direct-voice copy, impactful elements & emotions to humanize your script

Even Attractive illustration and slick animations can't save you from the negative impact of a lousy script. If your video doesn't have a compelling storyline, you are out of the game.
Our talented and creative script writers take the time, put the sweat into your project, and with just a few direct sentences, they can capture your entire message. Here at The Content Unlimited, the script writing is always done well.
We will make your video iconic with some memorable and emotional texts because we believe that outstanding videos need outstanding scripts.
A glimpse of our work:
direct voice script copywriting

Why Should You Choose Our Script Writing Service?

We have creative script writers who can produce great scripts. With every video and audio script we offer:
Creative Spin
Scripts are written with a creative spin to attract your target audience.
Emotional and Influential
Our expert script writers incorporate the emotional and influential elements to create a persuasive script.
Iconic Dialogues
Get high-quality, praise-worthy scripts with captivating, direct sentences to make your brand iconic.
Smartly Executed
Our talented and creative script writers cleverly implement all the elements from start to finish to sway your audience.
Properly Formatted
Every script is clearly formatted with complete attention to details so that your creative team can easily understand the transitions of the scenes from one to another.
Unlimited Alterations
No matter how many alterations and corrections you need, we do it with a happy heart. We can also create visuals as per your requirements.
Timely Delivery & Guaranteed Satisfaction
Getting things done before the deadline with 100% guaranteed satisfaction is our prime objective. We never let you wait and put your project on hold.
We do not compromise on quality, but we do compromise on your project budget. That's why we offer budget-friendly script writing services.
Looking to spark interaction and engagement in your video marketing campaigns? You need to hire a script writing service that can provide you with a strong story & verbal description of the entire sketch.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is script writing?


A script is the soul of any cinematic project, and script writing is the worded illustration of scenes, actions, and graphics. It is about creating iconic dialogues and a strong storyline to make a video compelling for the audience.


Why do you need to hire professional video script writers?


To create a simple but powerful script for your audience, you need creative and talented script copywriters. They have got the flair of turning a simple idea into a more captivating and entertaining story.


How do you craft a corporate video script?


We plan out the script, understand the core message, and integrate it effectively, so the storyline and dialogues harmonize with the graphics. We try to keep it short but engaging.


How do you create a compelling explainer video script?


We use direct sentences to summarize the whole idea into a 45 seconds video. It has a compelling beginning, an iconic storyline, a call-to-action, brand message, and emotional elements with a strong ending.