How to Write Amazon Product Descriptions that Attract, Convert, & Sell

tips to write great amazon product descriptions

Want to be a professional Amazon product description writer to keep clients coming back for more? You need to brush up on your SEO copywriting skills

Amazon is the largest American retailer that has captured 49% of its e-commerce share in the state

Around 5 million sellers hawk their merchandise on the Amazon marketplace in different categories. 

And, to get their products in front of the right audience, sellers have to compete against each other to secure a high rank in Amazon's search results.

A copywriter can help sellers win this battle.


By writing clear, unique, and vivid product descriptions sauteed with flavors of SEO.

As a copywriter, you need to craft show-stopping Amazon product listing descriptions that will increase conversion rates. 

Don't know where to start?

Read this guide and learn some tips to write perfect Amazon product descriptions and convince buyers to hit the buy button.

15 Ways to Write Good Amazon Product Descriptions

When you start writing the product description for Amazon, you must know some essential mechanisms to make the user experience smoother.  

Follow these steps:

1. Read Amazon standards for writing product descriptions

First, if you don't read the guidelines set by Amazon for writing product listings you will come up with low-quality, choppy product descriptions that will be flagged and likely removed – killing sales. 

Here are some important points from Amazon writing listings policies:

  • Begin each word with a capital letter and avoid using uppercase throughout the attribute. This rule applies to Bullet Points, Product Title, and Description.
  • Write clearly to help customers understand the product.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • You can write quotes and customer testimonials in the listings.

2. Understand Amazon's search algorithm

Amazon uses the A9 algorithm that allows customers to find the right product for their queries as quickly as possible. 

Only 30% of shoppers move to the second page of Amazon's search engine results pages (SERPs). So, if a seller wants to get leads, his/her target should be to attain a position on the first page. 

You can make this possible by following the algorithm for the sales page content. 

Amazon's sales page content is the fundamental factor for rankings. While writing the product descriptions, put keywords creatively without stuffing. Title, subtitle, and images are good areas to put the keywords and signal A9 to show up the products to the right customers. 

3. Always use the right keywords

As we all know, Amazon's marketplace works on search engine algorithms, and the right keywords can gain you maximum exposure in less time. 

According to Luke Harsel

keywords are the search terms used by the writers and the SEO professionals to optimize the content for gaining a higher ranking on the search results.

In Amazon description writing, you must perform intense keyword research to allow your products to reach the maximum customers and get on the top Amazon listing. Conduct adequate research on your keywords before writing an Amazon product description.

4. See the product descriptions of top merchandises

You can use the Amazon search bar to find the top-performing Amazon product descriptions. If the target merchandise is leather, you can use search terms like leather wallets, leather jackets, leather shoes, etc., to find how top performers are acing their Amazon product descriptions. 

Open the first few products, scan their format and phrase, and understand the types of keywords working for them. 

Now, Once you have completely analyzed the Amazon product description examples of your competitors it's time to create a copy that seamlessly weaves search terms without ruining the flow of the content and performs well for clients.

5. Understand the product 

Before writing, research the product. You must know all the product's features and specifications, how it will benefit buyers, and how it will add more value to their arsenal. 

6. Investigate buyer persona and personalize accordingly

A buyer persona will give Amazon product descriptions a distinctive personality. You must identify the buyers' need, their search intent, and the pain points they have. Personalize your product descriptions as per the audience's interest.

Make it interesting, enjoyable, and worth buying with your magic words.

It will attract shoppers and give the product a unique personality among other identical products. 

For example, if you are selling bomber jackets, you can personalize the names like,

Night Hawk, Red Hog, Blue Rage, etc. 

7. Keep the product title concise

According to the Quick-Start Style Guide of Amazon Services, you cannot use more than 200 characters, including spaces in your title for the Amazon product description. Within these limitations, you have to put your best foot forward and keep your title concise and relevant.

The best title length is between 70 and100 characters.

There are some insightful ways to curate your Amazon product description title and secure high conversion results.

  • You must put the primary keyword phrase within the first 80 characters of your title. If you still have the space left, make sure to incorporate the second-best after that and continue doing it so. 
  • Wisely choose the words and make the description catchy and attractive.
  • If you have some space left, try to add some specs of the product with the keywords. This will draw the customer's attention and increase your chance of getting noticed.

8. Create a need for a product 

Instead of writing a standard description based on just the details about dimensions, size, color, and qualities, describe the reasons why people should buy the product. 

Convince buyers by educating them about the solutions- how the product will make their lives better. 

Utilize a conversational tone as if you are recommending the product to your friend. Keep in mind that your primary goal is to lead the shopper to the checkout. So, be clear and personal with the CTAs you use in your sentences.  

9. Cut out the fluff to keep the product descriptions short 

Product descriptions have no space for flowery words and phrases as they only take up space. Instead, use the space to describe the product's standout features and persuade customers of its value. 

Get those buyers to the buy button in a few sentences with a pack of two good punchy sentences or maybe three.

10. Make it understandable

make it understandable

A heavy-text description will let the customers skip important points when they scan. When you write product descriptions for Amazon, you have to make them readable and easy to skim. 

Let the buyer understand the product correctly.

Make sure to incorporate actionable words, punchy, short sentences, and an engaging tone. 

Note these points while writing:

  • Keep the paragraphs short.
  • Use precise language and persuasive words.
  • Try a streamlined layout approach.
  • Include all the necessary information like a professional marketer.

11. Add key features in bullets

add bullet points

How Amazon bullet points should be written? This is the most important question. Bullet points are a crucial part in writing Amazon product descriptions, and there is no way to miss out on them. These are often right beside the product image and can be considered as the seller's sales pitch.

The customer always looks at the key features of a product before buying. You should tell the customers how a specific product can be beneficial for them. 

This part of the descriptions can make or break your Amazon product listing optimization.

Typically, the bullet point's character limit can exceed 255, depending on the product category. 

Best practices for writing the Amazon bullet points:

  • Avoid stuffing keywords into each bullet point.
  • Make sure to add standout features of the product.
  • Highlight the versatility of the product.
  • Target the pain points.
  • Don't overdo it. 

12. Don't reiterate in the free-form description field

The lower portion of the Amazon product page is called the free-form description field, where you expand on the product's features. 

Do not reiterate the bullets with the same phrases using complete sentences. It's a waste of an opportunity to market to your customers.

Add supporting information with new elements to lengthen the content and add in phrases from the keyword research.

13. Try storytelling and real-life usage

Weaving the stats into a story is the artistic skill of copywriters. Make sure you use that skill and give the customer something unexpected and inspiring. Manufacturers' product stats are important in Amazon product descriptions, but storytelling will help sell those high-ticket products to anyone anytime.

14. Don't use the copy of your product page as an Amazon description

You cannot copy the product page. It will be considered a copyright infringement. Moreover, it will affect your ranking and Amazon listing for the product, and nobody wants that.

It is recommended that you paraphrase the content or rewrite it all together to get better results out of it on both sides. It doesn't matter if the context is the same. You must make sure that the words and images you are using do not match the existing content.

15. Edit without mercy

Once you finish writing Amazon product descriptions, check it on Grammarly and Hemmingway to brush up on minor errors and typos. Be sure to check if each description is readable, persuasive, and clear. Read twice and thrice before sending it to your client. Wait for a day to review your descriptions to make them ready for publishing.

Amazon Product Description Examples:

Product descriptions are the most crucial part of Amazon product listing but most buyers often neglect them. Don't let your customers go without making any purchase. Check out these Amazon product descriptions examples in which all the things discussed above have been considered while writing. Take inspiration from these top-selling Amazon product listings to create yours. 

1. Swingline Stapler

amazon product descriptions example

2. Revlon Hair Dryer

Amazon Product Description Example

3. Cowin Noise Cancelling Headphones

Amazon Product description example

Why Outsource Amazon Product Description Writers?

Sometimes, writing unique Amazon product descriptions for multiple products with the same features can be tricky. It takes too much time.

Being creative while writing product descriptions for a wide range of products requires multiple writers who can use their creativity to make each product different from others.

At this stage, product description writing services can do the work for you.

You cannot make a distinctive image in the market without being unique in today's competitive era. 

It is the time when you must hire professional Amazon product description writers who can help skyrocket your sales with their persuasive words. 

Plus, you will not have to wait any longer for positive results and get into the squabble of learning to be good at producing the content.

Before you dive into the path of connecting with the professionals and start your successful journey, you must wrap your head around the process yourself.

Final Note 

Go through all these steps and utilize the tools to showcase your Amazon product description writing chops. This guide will help you persuade on-the-fence buyers to take a plunge to purchase the product.

In the end, a copywriter's job is to close the deal with perfection.

Contact Us if you need help with Amazon product listing, we can do it for you!

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