12 Excellent Copywriting Tips to Write Sales Copy That Converts

best copywriting tips

Copywriting is the science of creating compelling copy that sells services or products. It is used to convince prospective audiences to take a particular action. As a Copywriter, you must be creative while playing with words. In this article, you will learn some fool-proof Copywriting tips to craft a killer copy that sells. 

Content marketing, SEO, and design are all part of digital marketing, but copywriting glued it all together. It provides meaning to your design and creates a base for content and SEO strategies.  

It is like hiring a salesperson to generate sales. The salesperson might reach one customer at a time, but a copywriter can convince multiple customers at a time. Better copy enables you to turn your readers into loyal customers. 

As a Copywriter, you should play smart with words. Look for some actionable words that trigger the audience's emotions and urge them to make a buying decision.

Check out our best copywriting tips to create a killer copy.

1. Understand the product

The most important thing in professional copywriting is to understand and research the product you need to create a compelling copy.

As a business owner or blogger, you already know your product inside out. You know the features of the product and how it works. You may also be familiar with its benefits that entertain the customers.

All this research is a brilliant start to copywriting. Before you start your research, note down the things you already know about the product. You don't have to spend hours researching and taking notes.

Make sure to write an attractive description of your product. Don't forget to include the features and benefits, be creative and different while writing. Use your research notes to refer to things in the later chapters. 

Craft your copy step by step:

  • Write steaming product descriptions with complete research
  • Highlight the unique and special features
  • What benefits will it bring to customers?
  • How will it help them solve their problems?
  • A good Call-to-action or a stimulating closing statement

2. Understand your audience

know your audience

After understanding your product completely, the next step is identifying to whom you are selling your copy. 

Whatever you are selling is mainly depends on your audience demographics. What they want to purchase and how to persuade them to buy your product. It all depends on your buyer's personas and the buyer's journey. 

Keep the following points in your mind while doing customer research. 

  • Current customers or buyers of your product
  • Who would like to purchase the product?
  • What are the needs of typical customers?
  • What delights them about your product?

Take a few minutes to understand these requirements. Once you will figure this out, add the relevant material to your document. 

Also, it is the marketer's job to find the best placement of ads to target the right audience. It is because not every person will see every ad as every ad has a specific audience. So, while writing an ad copy, keep this thing in mind. 

For example, most old citizens do not use gaming products or tech gadgets. So there is no need to market such products to them, it will be a waste of advertising budget. 

So the best way to write an effective copy is to understand your product and audience. Also, spend your bucks on building awareness about your product/service.

3. Make it conversational

This is a pro tip for all copywriters and bloggers to make your content conversational. It is crucial for writing a compelling copy that results in more sales. 

To make a conversational copy, avoid using 'I', 'we', and 'us'. Instead, try using 'you' and 'yours' to make it more communicative. You can also take advantage of storytelling in your copy.

Write in a way like you are talking to an actual person because people prefer conversations instead of lectures. 

Your tone must be helpful and genuine with the interest of offering your expertise to solve their challenges or meet their needs. 

complex vs conversational tone

When you start copywriting, keep the specific person in your mind. This approach will help you determine if you are lording over your customers instead of giving them the exact information. 

You can even record a conversation, transcribe it, and use it as a rough draft. 

Here are a few examples of good copywriting to give you a great start:

  • Medium's 'Our Story' Page.
  • Squarespace's Free Trial Landing Page
  • Harry's Shave Plan Product Copy
  • Basecamp latest landing page
  • Drink an orange campaign of Albert Lasker.

4. Write attractive headlines

If you want to create a persuasive copy, focus on your headline. Make it more appealing and interesting that attracts your audience at first glance.

It doesn't matter whether you are doing commercial copywriting or writing a plain copy; headlines convince the internet traffic to click your blog/article and give your copy a chance to read. 

craft sizzling headlines

There are a few tips to write effective and attention-grabbing headlines. 

  • The people on the internet are copycats using plagiarized content; make a difference by offering something unique to your readers. It will also help you stand in the competition and make more sales.
  • With headings and subheadings, readers judge your article. They would know what they will receive from your article. So be specific while writing your headlines. 
  • Make your audience think that they would lose something if they don't take immediate action. Create a sense of urgency in your headlines. 
  • Don't try to cheat your readers. Always write headlines relevant to your content, or else readers will lose interest in your content. 
  • Use capital letters if necessary to emphasize important things. 

5. Keep your copy concise and neat

After finishing writing the first round of your copy, read it out loud for yourself. If possible, have someone else find out if they understand the message and call to action. Remember that you are your first customer, and you have to satisfy yourself first.

Edit, trim, and edit again to prune your copy. 

Here are a few tips to keep your copy clean. 

  • Create the outline of your copy in the beginning. 
  • Make heading and subheading for better understanding. 
  • Add bullet points and subtitles to make it easy to read.
  • Use nouns and words, precise language because adverbs and adjectives are just filler. 
  • Be a wonderful editor of your content and rewrite it if necessary. 
  • Without clarity, your copy is short, so don't overwrite it. 
  • Do not exaggerate or overstate your statements. 
  • Be clear while writing and edit it whenever you feel the need.

Thoughtful and creative writing will lead to generating more sales. It is also the secret of successful email marketing. 

6. Write to sell your product/service

The answer to how to write copy is pretty simple, write to sell it. Every writing is selling; even fictional writing sells an ideology, a hope, a fantasy. 

Sell ideas for a like-minded target audience, and you know what you are selling before you start working on it. 

When you are selling your idea to an audience interested in your product - you call them fans, followers, or fanatics. If you can sell your idea well, they become your indirect partner just to provide you with profit in every way possible. 

Your content has the power to make your idea their idea. They will share your content on different social media platforms, talk about it on their websites just because you sold the idea well. 

turn your costumers idea into your idea

Also, sell tangibles for those who are serious about buying things. Done it well for the people who will buy it.

Try to write your ideology behind the product. Create the buzz to convince the world. It is easier to sell things when you are successful in creating a need for a product. 

7. Communicate like a salesperson

Before you write your copy for the promotional purpose, you must know your goals. There are a variety of reasons to create a marketing advertisement. So, you must understand what you are going to get as a result. 

Write it in the tone of 'what's in for me?' Your copy in each ad marketing depends on the goals for promotion. 

Follow these tips to write creative ads for marketing that will affect your copy differently. 

  • Try to communicate a special offer. 
  • Share the right information for awareness. 
  • Generate sales/leads

Also, the helpful tone in your marketing copy helps your customers understand how your product will make their life easy. Help them save their time and money. 

Moreover, in this step of copywriting outline, you will stand on the work you have done so far to take your products' benefits, features and specifically describe how they direct from your target audience.

8. Know the difference between features and benefits

 features vs benefits

Most of the writers mix the features and benefits of the product/services. But, there is a huge difference between both of them. 

The writing strategy is different for selling a beverage or selling a self-improvement product. It is easy to mistake selling a widget as being exactly about the widget instead of how it works for the customer. 

For instance: If you are selling heels and your collection helps people make themselves appear taller while at the same time allow them to run and balance. 

This strategy works well for short people. You can discuss these traits of a product while talking about it in your copy. 

The height of shoes without any damage to mobility makes the customers more confident. They won't care about the design, or they won't fall. 

They just want to hear about the confidence the shoe is providing them. For instance, you can say: Stay tall, run if you need to because your shoes permit you. 

9. Avoid too much information

Don't risk losing your audience's attention by providing them with too much information in your copy. Effective writing only tells your audience what they need to know and act to make a purchasing decision. 

Too much detail clutters your audience's mind, which increases the possibility of losing readers and customers. It is because too much information makes them forget about the targeted marketing lines. 

Just follow the keep it simple, stupid rule to avoid this issue. You have a substantial amount for your advertising budget for each ad. Make sure to use the ad place wisely to get the proper message across to your audience. It will also help to gain the results you expected. 

10. Use the Rule of three

The Rule of three is an age-old technique that most screenplay writers have used in their scripts to split the play into three parts - intro, meat, and the climax.

Many politicians and thought leaders have also used the rule of three in their speeches to drive their points home. Because the rule of three helps readers absorb information easily.

Use three persuasive words in a sentence to add weight to your point. Structure your copy into three-pointers or add repetition of words to convey emphasis. It will definitely work. 

11. Create sizzling Call-to-actions 

craft killer call to actions

Call-to-actions are the soul of any marketing copy. A great mix of some powerful words can take your copy to a whole new level. Your call-to-action is the place where you can be more inviting. Don't let your customers move without any action. If you are offering awesome services, your call to action must sell its value.

Put an irresistible call to action in your copy that let the audience make an action. It could be signup, free trial, email subscriptions, moving to a new article, or see more related products.

Use three to five words in your call-to-action and try to convince them within this limit. 

Some examples of good call-to-actions are:

  • Learn more
  • Install now
  • Start a free trial
  • Let's begin a project
  • Get started
  • Order content now
  • Get exclusive deals 
  • Explore the latest collection
  • Send a gift rocket
  • Build a manpack
  • Let's connect
  • Get your free gift card
  • Claim your discount
  • Let's do it
  • Create my custom article

And this one is for our site:

Ready to explore our services? 

Yes, take me there

12. Proofread your copy

You may lose your copy credibility in advertising if there are spelling or grammatical errors in your ad or marketing copy.  

Your audience is judgmental and may translate it incorrectly as carelessness in ads into unreliable products/services. The reader's question, 'if the company is not able to take care of their content, how likely they would care about me?'

Big and professional businesses even hire proper editors and proofreaders to make the copy error-free. For better understanding, you can check out creative copywriting examples on Google. Make sure to read your copy, again and again, to make it error-free for better results. 


Copywriting is simple, and it will shine if you do your research properly. Keep in mind, don't get afraid of risks and learn from your mistakes. Your mistakes will make your work better. Make sure to don't risk your limited budget.

We have mentioned some great tips to write an effective copy in this guide. Spend time to develop a top-notch copywriting outline, and you will reap the reward later with the boost in sales and higher profit rates. 

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