A Comprehensive Guide To Do Video Script Writing

guide to do video script writing

One of the most crucial things to do while creating a video is to craft a great script that complements the graphics and slick animation. A super-amazing script can build a solid foundation for any video. Want to know the secrets to do video script writing like a Pro? Read on. 

As per stats, video marketing is all the rage these days because a video gets ten times more engagement and drives better leads than any other media. 

But, at the same time, the trend has been aggressively escalating and everyone is switching to video marketing. 

So, if you want to stand out in the competition, you have to bring something extraordinarily unique to the table. 

That's where Video scriptwriting takes the center stage. 

What is a Video Script?

A video script is the blueprint of any marketing video. It is a unification of thousands of engaging ideas into one coherent structure. Video scriptwriting is a harmonized series of scenes, shots, dialogue, and animation. Every single page of the script represents approximately one minute of screen time and is known as the kick-off point. 

Why Should You Write a Video Script?

Imagine, you are making a video and have added all the attractive graphics with irresistible animation, but what if it doesn't turn out as great as expected? You might be missing out on an organized structure of sentences, compelling words, and the right tone for your video context. Result? You get a messy video with fewer details and cold words.

Writing a video script is an exciting process, and it is essential for several reasons like:

  • It allows you to carve down numerous ideas into a compact digital video. It enables you to plan what you want to say and how you want to say it.
  • Video script writing helps you estimate and manage the video length and understand how it will resonate with your viewers. One hundred thirty words of voiceover generate a minute-over track. It helps you in managing the breadth of the content you want to cover.
  • It allows you to alter any mistakes or changes in the script very smoothly and quickly. It conveys your message in a limited time. 
  • It facilitates everyone's input by implementing collaborative tools. By inviting feedback through google docs, multiply your audience enormously.
  • Video script writing enables you to employ the power of different perspectives and voices.

5 Things To Do Before Writing Video Scripts

Writing better video scripts is a long thought process from the initial brief to the final outstanding result.

Here are a few essentials you must do before video script writing: 

1. Start with A Brief

creating a creative brief of the script

This process might seem trivial, but it is indispensable for the final draft. It allows your team to document the answers to the project queries and to get every member of the team on the same page.

It involves the mapping of goals and project plans to help you move forward with the scheme. 

A brief does not follow any specific formula, nor does it need to be fancy. The key is to stay focused on your goals, topic, and takeaways. 

There are individual insights that should include in crafting a compelling video script:

  • What is the motive of your video marketing? Why are we making the video in the first place?
  • What call-to-action would you like to add? What do we want our viewers to do after watching this video?
  • What should your viewers learn from it? What are the takeaways of your scriptwriting?
  • What is the topic of your video? (the more specific, the better).
  • Who are the viewers of this video? What are the online habits of your audience?
  • What is the worth of your video to your audience?
  • Which distribution mediums are you going to use?

You can conveniently draft a brief template in your Google Docs for a breathing and living template you can amend over time.

2. Identify Your Audience

identify your target customers

Video scriptwriting comprises several successful elements: a captivating hook, facts, and figures about the product or service. But the one characteristic that stands above all is the audience. Useful information about the target audience is the building block of a successful script. It is a staple in any video script writing. 

Specify your audience and strive to know their habits online. It will enable you to write effective video marketing scripts enriched with concise, compelling, and relevant content. 

You might have an excellent product that would revolutionize humanity, but if you cannot convince your viewers they need it, the product will crash. 

It would be best if you address a specific audience; otherwise, it will not resonate. 

3. Determine the Purpose of Video Script Writing

Next, you have to consider what is the goal and purpose of the video script. The goal is the final destination, according to which the whole working process is mapped out. Every member of the crew should be fully aware of the goal they are trying to achieve. It enables them to work in the same direction. 

4. Pick a Central character

pick a leading character

A central character in any video can become the melting pot of lead nurturing. Picking a primary character for a video is very important. 

Keep in mind these things while choosing your lead character:

  • It should be an iconic one that emotionally connects with your audience.
  • It should be strong enough to simplify your video and bring it to the spotlight
  • It creates a story that no one forgets.

If you are creating a product overview video that has a narrative arc, choose a mascot character.  A Product demo video usually has a little story, but still, you can pick a leading character that does most of the talking. Be creative in deciding who is going to be capturing most of the screen time.

5. Know Your End-Distribution

The success of any video script highly depends on these insights:

  • Where will the audience see your video? 
  • What phase of the market funnel will the digital video be used at?
  • What actions do you want your viewers to take after watching the video?

 A great script is highly supplemented with all these components. And the success of such a video script is a perfectly viable goal. 

How to Write Great Video Marketing Scripts?

tips to craft a video script

A well-written and compelling script is the foundation stone of a successful Explainer video. Without the right foundation, all of your efforts will be useless. A great script should be attention-grabbing, clear to understand, and precise. A video scriptwriter should keep all the structural and contextual elements in mind to master the skill of video script writing.

You might be thinking about how to write a video script that has all the attractive elements. Do not worry. I am here to discuss all the little details and tips for writing a killer video script that sways the audience.

1. Utilize Your Brief to Draft A Catchy Outline

Once you have documented a brief, it is time to start video script writing. It is advisable to initiate the outline before diving into the full script. You can break your script into subtopics and decide how your dialogue (or monologue) will progress. 

For instance, the title of your video script is how to start a business. You can outline your writing by highlighting the tasks an aspiring entrepreneur needs to handle when launching a company, such as:

  • Conduct market research.
  • Craft a budget for research and development.
  • Conduct meetings with potential investors.
  • Develop a marketing strategy.
  • Develop sales policy.
  • Identify your office space.

2. Keep It Concise And Sweet

When it comes to video scriptwriting, the less is always more. Several surveys show a sharp drop off if the video is prolonged for more than 2 minutes. An internet surfer passing by your website tends to check out after 2 to 4 minutes, depending on how engaging your content is. 

Moreover, the videos enriched with educational and informational content tend to be more captivating. The key is to keep the video script short and concise.

In a good script, every word earns its own place. Here are the tips for writing a video script that is lean and impactful:

  • Say something unique and different.
  • Use simple language and write conversationally. 
  • Trim the fat and superfluous information.
  • Never repeat the sentences.

For promotional content like an explainer video, the viewers' attention span is very limited. The shorter the video, the better the punch each phrase will have to hook your viewers till the last second. 

3. Make It Engaging

There are tons of tricks and hacks to craft an engaging video script. Your script needs to be compelling enough to hook your viewers. Try different variations of powerful words, use a story-telling strategy or create interest by asking a question at the start. There are many ways you can make your video content engaging. 

4. Make It Smooth Going

Your script should be thorough, and it must move in a flow. It should not sound like a voiceover is reading bullet points or a list. It must be in complete harmony with the video. To ensure this, read your script aloud several times. It will help you identify the weak areas of your script. 

5. Make It Fun

Injecting the element of fun into scriptwriting can make a big difference because a sterile and boring video is most likely to turn your audience off. And let's face the fact there are plenty of other things they could do to have a good time. If your script is lively, fun, and engaging, it is most likely to create an impact that keeps them watching. `

6. End with A Call-To-Action

end the script with call to action

The viewers who make it to the end of your video are priceless. They are the people who are keen to know what you have to say. And it is significant to signpost them in the right direction.

That is why it is advisable to end your video with a strong call to action. A strong call-to-action ensures audience's engagement and drives them to take the action you are pursuing. 

It is the most effective way to motivate your audience for the marketing campaign. It is crafted by provoking emotions, or words or emotions can ensure some additional clicks. 

7. Tweak, Re-Tweak, And Trim to Fit

tweak and trim to fit the script

Once you have crafted a workable draft of your video script. A great script flows smoothly from line to line, rather than stilted. 

Pay additional attention to the following while video script writing:

  • The length of your video script.
  • Where emphasis and reflection falls
  • Any inappropriate phrases that stuck in your mouth.
  • The tweaking job should highlight the parts of the script that need to be improved before it hits the internet. Keep trimming it until you go without a flaw.

These tips work like a magic spell and enable you to create a well-paced professional video script. It also ensures the emergence of the best possible product from your editing software and lives wherever your posting. 

Types Of Video Scripts You Can Create

With the adaptation of all these tips on some easy script templates, you can quickly produce various types of video scripts for marketing purposes.

1. Explainer Video Script

It is defined as the message to be delivered and what the voiceover will read in the explainer video. It is the first building block of the whole video, and for this reason, it is one of the most significant factors of the video production process. 

An example of a great explainer video from mint:

2. Promotional Video Script

A masterfully written script seems like a piece of art. it is usually a fusion of several classic templates. Great promotional video scripts convert impulsively because consumers relate positive feelings with a business after watching a promo video with a good script.

Here is an example of a promotional video script we have written for a thread manufacturing brand.

You can download the sample by clicking on the image:

promotional video script

3. Corporate Video Script

Several corporate video scripts are ranging from case studies to recruitment or company culture style videos. Your corporate video will be almost impossible without a strong script outline to shoot, edit, or produce. 

Here is an example of our corporate explainer video:

4. Documentary Style Video Script for brands

Today, many brands are taking advantage of documentary-style videos to share their work culture, projects, success, and other achievements. It builds the brand's reputation and customer trust. t is all about the comprehensive details of a particular brand. It is usually written to boost the goodwill of a brand in the existing market.

Writing a documentary video script is a tricky task but if you communicate with the brand for whom you are writing a video script, you can come up with a more personalized and engaging script. Then, it will be further enhanced with voiceover, music, and visuals. 

5. Training or Educational Video Script

training video script writing

The essential principles of a training video script for podcasts and radio are:

  • Writing in a conversational tone.
  • Using shorter and easily audible sentences.
  • Picking concrete words.

A video script supplemented with these techniques produces outstanding results.

6. Marketing Video Script

A good marketing video is the best medium of communication among businesses and potential customers. However, writing a video script can be quite difficult, time-consuming, and enjoyable as well. It should reflect your brand's voice, your products, and your target audiences' personas. And when the script is flawless, nothing can hold it from becoming a tremendous success. 

End Notes

If you are looking for some help in creating the video scripts, make sure you work with the right creative partner. You can hire professional video scriptwriters like us. Get in touch and we will create something grandstanding for your brand.  

Stay tuned with us to get an inside scoop on content writing and content marketing. We are always here to bring out your creative side.

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